Unreleased Hindi Classic!!

Many of you must have have listened “Ye Divilo Virisina Paarijathamo”
from the Telugu fim ‘Kanne Vayasu’ (1973). It is such a melodious
timeless classic that even today this song is being fondly requested
by listeners over the radio. S Janaki was so passionate to this song,
that she wanted to introduce this great song to the music lovers of
other languages also. She wanted to sing this song in Hindi, and none
other than the great multitalented PB Sreenivas penned the Hindi
lyrics at her request. She sang this Hindi version song in a few live
shows where the audiences greatly enjoyed and responded to the song.

And now, after nearly four decades, we have pleasure in bringing to
you this exclusive song that was never released on records!

And guess what? S Janaki amma who is greatly pleased by our work for
this site, has blessed us, and she herself has given us this rare song
from her very personal collection, exclusively for streaming at our
sjanaki.net. We express our deep gratitude for the kind gesture of
Janaki amma and the great encouragement for our humble work.

Enjoy this great song, and keep your fingers crossed for many more
surprises like this …