S Janaki sings for Music of SPB

             It is a known fact that Balu sir and Janaki amma sang many many songs together and gave us many beautiful duet hits. But, This article is about the songs that Janaki amma sang in music of Balu sir. Balu sir started composing music with “Kanya Kumari” directed by legendary director of Telugu cinema Dasari Narayana Rao. Janaki amma got to sing beautiful solos and evergreen duets in his music direction right from his first movie.

             He won Nandi award as best music director for “Mayuri”, a musical in direction of yet another Legend Sangeetham srinivas Rao and Janaki amma sang 5 out of 6 songs in this movie which remain forever as classics! When this movie was remade in Hindi, popular duo of Hindi cinema, Lakshmikanth – Pyarelal composed music for the same. They used tune for title song “Pag paadam” (which was sung by Sailaja mam in Telugu) as is and Janaki amma won “Sur Singar” award for her magical rendition in Hindi.

             Janaki amma sang memorable melodies in other movies like “Padamati Sandhya Ragam”, “O Bharya Katha”, “O Amma Katha”, “Sangeeta” etc … But, Whenever she talks about Balu sir’s compositions, she picks up “Ala Mandi padake Jabili” from Jockey, a beautiful song penned by Veturi Sundara Rammurty as her favourite most..!

             He composed for Tamil and Kannada also, though his major contributions as a music director were in Telugu. Especially songs from Sridhar sir’s “Thudikkum Karangal” are very melodious.

             Though Balu sir did not make a very big name as music director (compared to his legendary status as singer), he gave some evergreen hits mainly in Telugu and Janaki amma sang all the songs he offered her with her unique stamp on them!

Here is list of songs in this combination, Will add if any songs are missing in future…

Sno Song Movie Co Singer Language
1 Srirasthu Subhamasthu Kanya Kumari Solo Telugu
2 Nenu Aa Anna Kanya Kumari With SPB Telugu
3 Langareste Nilichindi Ooda Captain Krishna Solo Telugu
4 Chetha Venna mudda Raa Raa Krishnayya With SPB,G Anand, Ramana, P Leela Telugu
5 Aalumagala Bandaniki O Amma Katha Solo Telugu
6 Garuvukada Cheruvukada O Amma Katha Solo Telugu
7 Akasaniki Ravi kiranam Sangeeta Solo Telugu
8 Chebutha Katha chebutha Sangeeta Solo Telugu
9 Santhanam Poosum Thudikkum Karangal With SPB Tamil
10 Thottu Kitta Thudikkum Karangal Solo Tamil
11 Adada iduthan sugamo Thudikkum Karangal With SPB Tamil
12 Kallalo Kankambaram Ooranta Sankranti With SPB Telugu
13 Sambarala Sankranthi Ooranta Sankranti With SPB, P Suseela Telugu
14 Gorantha Deepanni Bharyamani With SPB Telugu
15 Bangaru Chilakamma Bharyamani With SPB Telugu
16 Seethamma Nochindi Bharyamani With SPB Telugu
17 Guchi Guchi Chudamaku Bharyamani Solo Telugu
18 Chidipithe Deepalu Bharyamani With SPB Telugu
19 Cheli Sakhi Manohari Bangaaru Chilaka With SPB Telugu
20 Vayyari Bhama Bangaaru Chilaka With SPB Telugu
21 Ee Raathri Eko Heegaythu Kaane Devaralledane With SPB Kannada
22 Eko Eno Kaanenu Naanu Devaralledane With SPB Kannada
23 Sye ante Sye anta Dongallo Dora With SPB Telugu
24 O Chandamama Dongallo Dora With SPB Telugu
25 Ala Mandi padake Jockey Solo Telugu
26 Karivarada moranu Jockey With SPB Telugu
27 Malle Puvvu Gillindhi Kongumudi With SPB Telugu
28 Ooribayata Kongumudi With SPB Telugu
29 Gourisankara Srungam Mayuri Solo Telugu
30 Kailasamlo Mayuri Solo Telugu
31 Idi Naa priya narthana Mayuri Solo Telugu
32 Mounam Ganam Mayuri With SPB Telugu
33 Vennello Muthyama Mayuri With SPB Telugu
34 Gowri Sankara Srungam Mayuri Solo Tamil
35 Yen Kannodu Karuvizhi Mayuri Solo Tamil
36 Yengeyum un thandavam enna Mayuri Solo Tamil
37 Asaindidum Padagalin Mayuri Solo Tamil
38 Mounam Ganam Mayuri With SPB Tamil
39 Chilipithanam Muddula Manavaralu Solo Telugu
40 Abbabba Entha Yuvaka Bete Solo Kannada
41 Anda Chandadalli Bete Solo Kannada
42 Chaliya Naduka Odala Olage Bete With SPB Kannada
43 Mana Jeevithalu Magadheerudu Solo Telugu
44 Mana Jeevithalu Magadheerudu With SPB Telugu
45 Jatha kalise iddaram Magadheerudu With SPB Telugu
46 Muddugare Yashoda Padamati Sandhya Ragam Solo Telugu
47 Ee Thurupu aa paschimam Padamati Sandhya Ragam With SPB Telugu
48 Vanchana ragilinchina Gowtami Solo Telugu
49 Emandi Illalugaru Lawyer Suhasini With SPB Telugu
50 Kadali Alalaku Prathima With SPB Telugu
51 Aadadante Aadukune Bomma Kaadu Prathima Solo Telugu
52 Needaleni Veluguledu Prathima Solo Telugu
53 Idi Nadiche Yavvana Roopam Prathima With SPB Telugu
54 Vaanemi Chesthundiro Ramu With SPB Telugu
55 Tella mabbu teru meeda Chinnodu Peddodu With SPB Telugu
56 Adavari meeda jali leni Neeku Naaku Pellanta With SPB Telugu
57 manasulaku laali pata O Bharya Katha Solo Telugu
58 Sivaratrena O Bharya Katha With SPB Telugu
59 Kasiki pothunna O Bharya Katha With SPB, Ramesh, Sailaja Telugu
60 Sitarama swamy Vivaaha Bhojanambu With SPB Telugu
61 Appaadi Papaali Thaiyalkaran With SPB Tamil
62 Ee challani vennala vela Vennelo aadapilla With SPB Telugu