Top Ten songs from S Janaki – Jayalalitha

“Puratchi thalaivi” – This title is perfect for the struggle she faced to be one and only Jayalalitha. From a shy girl to one of the most strong leaders Democratic India had ever seen, every phase of her life is a lesson in a way. Her strong will and “never give up” nature are unmatched.

As a heroine, she was at the top for more than a decade. Her movies with MGR, Shivaji Ganeshan, NTR, ANR, Kalyan Kumar etc .. were success all the way..!! Even after she became busy in politics, she always kept her love for art alive in her heart.. No other chief minister encouraged arts and artists as she did during her tenure as head of the state. It is not only loss to citizens of Tamil Nadu but also to world of arts and music..!

This article is a tribute to the “Iron Lady” with 10 melodies rendered by S Janaki for her.

1. Naane veene Neene Thanthi – Mavana Magalu

Jayalalitha madam had a succesful career in Kannada cinema before she ventured into Tamil Industry. Her movies in combination of Kalyan kumar were all successful. Janaki amma was her voice in Kannada almost always.. Those songs are remembered till date by music lovers. T Chalapati Rao sir composed this poetry of Legendary Kuvempu. This duet is considered to be one of the best renditions of P B Srinivas and S Janaki together. Young and innocent Jayalalitha madam paired with Kalyan Kumar sir in this song. Janaki amma sang 5 melodies in this movie. Although all of them were good, this one is classic ..!!

2. Haadalenu Geethe Naanu – Nanna Karthavya

This is yet another Kannada melody from early days of Jayalalitha madam. G K Venkatesh sir composed this song which was sung in a mood of melancholy by Janaki amma. Words of R N Jayagopal in song, though simple leave a strong impact on audience. Jayalalitha madam presented the song in a wonderful manner on screen.

3. Maata Meera galada – Sri Krishna Satya

In Telugu and Tamil, It was Suseelamma who was regular voice for Jayalalitha madam. Wonderful melodies came from this combination. Janaki amma got to sing occasionally but whenever she sang, it for sure was a golden melody. Movie “Sri Krishna Satya” from NTR sir’s own banner had all songs sung by Janaki amma for “Satyabhama” role portrayed by Jayalalitha madam. Jayalalitha madam won Filmfare award as “best actress” for this movie. Pendyala sir composed beautiful solos and memorable duets rendered by Janaki amma. Though all songs were awesome, “Maata Meera Galada” needs a special mention. Just observe how effortless Janaki amma’s rendition is ..!!

4. Konduva Innum Konjum – Neerum Neruppum

This song is from Tamil movie “Neerum Nerappum” released during 70’s. Janaki amma got to sing this song because of insistence from MGR sir that only she could do perfect justice to this melody.It was sung with a drunkard affect. Singer off screen and actress on screen presented it in a awesome manner with unique expression without loosing dignity even a bit ..!!

5. Vandavargal Vaazhga – Engirundho Vandhal

If above song was from MGR-Jayalalitha starrer, this one is from Shivaji – Jayalalitha. “Khilona” in Hindi and “Engirundho Vandhaal” in Tamil were made simultaneously which dealt with story of true love between a mentally disturbed hero and a dancer. This dance number is for same situation of “Sanam tum bewafa ke naam se” in Hindi from Lata-Mumtaz combination. Janaki-Jayalalitha were equally enchanting in Tamil number.

6. Naangu kalamum – Dharmam Enge

What a composition and What a rendition this is ..!! This song is all about beauty of 4 seasons. MSV sir composed all 4 stanzas in 4 different tunes, every single one emphasising beauty of respective season. Janaki amma’s expressive singing and Jayalalitha madam’s effortless dancing are made for each other in this particular melody. Shivaji sir sitting in the throne like a true king, enjoys the dance on screen..!!

7.Azhagukku maru peyar penna – Annamitta Kai

This is a duet song of T M Sounderajan sir and Janaki amma for MGR sir and Jayalalitha madam on screen. Typical Background score of K V Mahadevan sir can be heard in this song. Lyrics of this kind became extinct now. Genius lyricist Valee sir used to add lines like “Is Amrutham a second name of Tamil ..?” in such a love duet also. True salutes to lyricists of Golden era ..!!

8.Ee Munisu Ee Birusu – Mane Aleya

Same story was repeated in Telugu (Illarikam), Tamil(Maadi Veettu Mappilai), Kannada (Mane Aleya), Malayalam(Kalithozhan), Hindi(Sasural) and became popular everywhere. Jayalalitha madam acted in Kannada and Tamil versions. Janaki amma sang all songs in Kannada and Malayalam versions. A sweet melody in T Chalapati Rao sir’s music where heroine is trying to convince/pacify her beloved. Lovely song..!!

9. Alaka Maanave Chilakala koliki – Sri Krishna Satya

Yet another classic melody from “Sri Krishna Satya” movie. This song perfectly depicts the episode of discussion/argument between Satyabhama devi and Lord Sri Krishna as described in Bhagavatham. Ghantasala Master and Janaki amma rendered with a wonderful expression and made it ever living ..!!

10. Ninnu Chudagane – Nayakudu Vinayakudu

“Nayakudu Vinayakudu” was last movie of Jayalalitha madam in Telugu. She paired against ANR sir in this movie. T Chalapati Rao sir composed this song which had traces of “Ek Tera Saath” rendered by Rafi shab – Lataji in Hindi movie “Wapas” for tune of Lakshmikanth Pyarelal. SPB Sir – Janaki amma sang this Telugu melody in a romantic mood.

Chandrodaya Mandanila, Avudo Avudo, Madhura Mailanada, Chandrodayakke Ambhudi from “Mavana Magalu”, Nannali Neenagi from “Nanna Kartavya”, Illu Iruve from “Badhukuba Daari”, Heluva Ogatanu Odedu, Sarasamaya Idu Samaya from “Mane Aliya” in Kannada; “Neela Niram” from “En Annan”, Nawaabukkoru Kelvi, Naan Kudichu Mayangi from “Bagdhad perazhagi”, En Kannirendum Saida Paavam from “Yaarukkum Vetkamillai” in Tamil; Priya Priya Madhuram,Govardhana Giridhari,Kalganti kalagantine from “Sri Krishna Satya” in Telugu are all memorable melodies sung by Janaki amma for Jayalalitha madam.

Sincere tributes to this Beautiful person, Talented actress and Strong leader from all of us ..!!

May God Bless the noble soul of Jayalalitha madam to rest in peace ..!!