Rare Articles

Some of the Articles that were published in various news papers and books.We get to know lot of interesting facts about her music here. Happy Reading ..More Articles to be updated…


HMV Saregama Released a very interesting album on the occasion of her Golden jubilee in Music Industry and this booklet is a part of it, which had beautiful pictures and an interesting article adding glamour to the songs collection !! Click Here


A Telugu article by Sri Kampelle Ravichandran describing some of the most important moments of her life and musical Journey.

This article was published in Andhrajyothi weekly.

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Another Telugu article by famous movie artist and writer Sri Ravi Kondala Rao on the occasion of her birthday. Music Magazine Haasam published this article with some interesting photographs of her. Click Here

Who else can describe a women better than her own son ..?  Enjoy this article which is a narration by Sri MuraliKrishna about his beloved mother Janaki , fondly called as Janakamma by all her admirers .This is a Malayalam Article. Click Here

Malayalam is the Language, where she sang some extra ordinery melodies . She tells in her interviews that they treat her like a “Dathaputhrika ” (Adopted Daughter) in Kerala and she enjoys it thoroughly . This is an interesting Article describing her Melodious Journey in Music of Malayalam. Click Here

Another article in Malayalam which describes Janaki as Geetha Bhakshi , A person who survives on eating Music. True to the name , this is quite an interesting article which is a must read for every admirer of Janaki. Click Here

Once Dr. Rajkumar was asked to mention his favourite playback singer. He said “Naanu sumaru 50 varshagalinda halavaru gayakiyara haadugalanna kelidini, mathe halavaru gayakiyarondige haadidene kooda…aadre nanu kandange Jaanakiamma avarantha kanta hondiro gaayaki na nanu yellu nodilla aah. Aha adhbutha gaayaki. Antha impada kanta keli aa kogile nu nachuthe anisuthe. Saakshath Sharade ne aa yamma.”(I had been listening many singers and singing with many for last 50 Years ..But I had never seen a singer with a voice similar to Janaki amma..Ah! She is an Excellent Singer..CuCkoo should become quiet with shy listening to Beautiful Voice of Janaki amma…She is Goddess Saraswathi personified..) Find more tributes and how other prominent Musicians of kannada feel about her in these articles.These are excerpts from a beautiful book written by Shri R Srinath , which is available in Kannada book stores. Click Here

P B Sreenivas is known for creative poetry and wonderful grip on several languages.How will describe S Janaki in his own words ..?. Read this article in Kananda Click Here


S Janaki sang a wonderful song Karedaru kelade competing with the Shehnai of Maestro Bismilla Khan .Sridhar describes in Kannada and interesting incident during that recording ,To Know about it ,Click Here


An English Article published in Bangalore Times of India. To read this article Click Here



This is a small excerpt from a tribute by famous Kannada Lyicist R N Jayagopl to S Janaki ,To Know about it ,Click Here