Dear Friends,
                We know that videos, mainly Youtube videos are playing a major role in today’s music world. It is quite easier approach and Youtube apps are available in almost all devices.
                Our main goal had always been sharing music without disturbing business of the original music distributors. We shall share here compilation of videos with SJ’s songs in different themes mainly from Official channels of Music companies like Saregama HMV, Aditya musicals, Lahari Audio, Anand Audio etc …
                We share songs from our own channel if and only if those songs are not available any where else. If we see that song being released by any music company, we would be more than happy to remove from our channel. As our goal had always been sharing melodies of SJ to music lovers, we would continue to do that in all possible interesting ways.
Tribute articles will also be shared in this page along with video compilations.
                Hope you enjoy our attempt and continue your support as you always did. Thanks again!

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