Soulful Malayalam SOlos VOl7

MB Sreenivasan gave excellent scores to SJ and one significant feature in his compositions to her was minimal(or at times no) Back ground music. “Ettumanoor Ambalathil” from Oppol for which she won her 2nd National Award falls under this category. He composed two versions of this song – One with background music and other with no BGM. She was awarded for presenting the song in perfect tune without any help of instrumentation. They came together with similar experiment in “Oru vattam Koodiyen”. He was one music director who worked with SJ right from her beginning days till mid 80’s.

MS Viswanthan gave more memorable tunes to S Janaki in Malayalam compared to Tamil. SJ won Kerala state Award in his music too. “Aa Nimishathinte” can be termed as one of best from this combination which is covered in Vol 1. He also experimented with no BGM for a comparatively challenging song in “Marmaram” movie.

Ilayaraja’s first preference was SJ in Malayalam also as in any other language. This team gave wonderful melodies, though lesser in number compared to other languages. Songs like En Poove Pon Poove, Poovadikalil, Thumbi vaa, Veene Veene remained as All Time Hits !

Enjoy melodies of SJ in entirely three different styles of compositions from MB Sreenivasan, MS Viswanathan and Ilayaraja in this compilation. Best of SJ in their combination is covered in earlier compilations. So Please refer to those compilations also for more songs and stay tuned for songs of SJ in different combinations!!



Sno Song Movie Music Director
1 Valarnnu Valarnnu Kannum Karalum MB Sreenivasan
2 Ellam Kazhinju Thelinja Swargaraajyam MB Sreenivasan
3 Varum Oru Naal Sukham Althaara MB Sreenivasan
4 Thaazhathe Cholayil Puthri MB Sreenivasan
5 Kaanaan Kothichenne Puthri MB Sreenivasan
6 Vaarmukile Vaarmukile Puthri MB Sreenivasan
7 Aathirakkulirulla Madhuvidhu MB Sreenivasan
8 Yamunaatheeravihaari Madhuvidhu MB Sreenivasan
9 Kaattilirunnu Virunnu Vilikkum Vimochanasamaram MB Sreenivasan
10 Velichame Nayichaalum Vidyarthikale Ithile Ithile MB Sreenivasan
11 Nalanda Thakshashila Vidyarthikale Ithile Ithil MB Sreenivasan
12 Swapnam Kaanukayo Prathikaaram MB Sreenivasan
13 Viswa mahaa kshethra sannidhi Idavazhiyile Poocha Mindappoocha MB Sreenivasan
14 Vivaahanaalil Idavazhiyile Poocha Mindappoocha MB Sreenivasan
15 Bhoothalam Ninte Bhadraasanam Vilkkanundu Swapnangal MB Sreenivasan
16 Neeyetho Mouna sangeetham Manassinte Theerthayaathra MB Sreenivasan
17 Pakalkkiliyurangi Jalarekha MB Sreenivasan
18 Shilpiye Snehicha Jalarekha MB Sreenivasan
19 Nilaavu veenu mayangi Uvvu (Layam) MB Sreenivasan
20 Aavani Raathingal Udichilla Ilakkangal MB Sreenivasan
21 Thushaaramanikal Ilakkangal MB Sreenivasan
22 Kaalamayoorame Rachana MB Sreenivasan
23 Aalolam Thaalolam Aalolamaadi Oru Swakaaryam MB Sreenivasan
24 Paathiraakkaattil Kathi MB Sreenivasan
25 Mannilalla Mounam Vaachalam MB Sreenivasan
26 Mullapperiyaarinnu Nimishangal MB Sreenivasan
27 Adaykkaakkuruvikal Meenamaasathile Sooryan MB Sreenivasan
28 Maamava Sada Varade Swathi Thirunaal MB Sreenivasan
29 Omanathinkalkkidaavo Swathi Thirunaal MB Sreenivasan
30 Ettumanoor Ambalathil (NO BGM) Oppol MB Sreenivasan
31 OruVattamKoodiyen(No BGM) Chillu MB Sreenivasan
32 Vasanthame Nee Vannu Hridayame Saakshi MS Viswanathan
33 Mukilukale Velluvili MS Viswanathan
34 Sharathkaalachandrika Vidaparanju Ithaa Oru Manushyan MS Viswanathan
35 Kalam kalam malarmelam Pathivritha MS Viswanathan
36 Sugama sangeetham thulumbum Vadakaveedu MS Viswanathan
37 Arinju Naam thammil Lorry MS Viswanathan
38 Krishnashilaathala Hrudayangale Swargadevatha MS Viswanathan
39 Pathinezhaam Vayassil Thirakal Ezhuthiya Kavitha MS Viswanathan
40 Maranam Raathri Panchapaandavar MS Viswanathan
41 Karnaamritham kannanu Karnaamritham Marmaram MS Viswanathan
42 OM Marmaram MS Viswanathan
43 Vattathil vattaaram Marmaram MS Viswanathan
44 Kunjikkannukal thuranna Minimol Vathikkaanil MS Viswanathan
45 Chalanam Iyer the great MS Viswanathan
46 Poovaadikalil Vyaamoham Ilayaraja
47 Paalaruvi paadivaru Dooram Arike Ilayaraja
48 Veene Veene Aalolam Ilayaraja
49 Thaazhampoothaali Nin Oomakkuyil Ilayaraja
50 Om Namashivaaya Saagara Sangamam Ilayaraja
51 Yamune Ninnude Yaathra Ilayaraja
52 En poove Pappayude Swantham Appus Ilayaraja
53 Olathumbathirunnooyalaadum Pappayude Swantham Appus Ilayaraja
54 Veettil Ninne Ladies Only Ilayaraja
55 Panthu Thattanam Ladies Only Ilayaraja