Mouna Poratam Music by S Janaki

Mouna Poratam (Silent War) is all about struggle of a tribal girl ,who is betrayed by a govt.officer. It shows how a tribal girl fights to give proper identity to her kid. This movie needed emotional songs than regular melodies. S Janaki took up the task as music director, while SPB supported her in giving background score. As SPB selected S Janaki as lead playback in most of the movies for which he gave music like Mayuri, Padamati Sandhya ragam, Jacki, Kongu mudi, Bharyamani etc…, Janaki selected him as the only male voice in this album. Veturi was obvious choice for such emotional melodies to Ushakiran movies as he already gave timeless classic “Ee Duryodhana dusaasana” for Prathighatana movie.

Mounaporatam turned to be a super hit movie which ran for silver jubilee. S Janaki didn’t continue to give music for movies due to her busy schedules. But, she gave music to some private albums later. This movie strengthened relationships of S Janaki with Usha Kiran movies. She continued to render songs occasionally to their T V Serials and Advertisements for Priya pickles etc.. Enjoy melodies from this movie …



Songs List :-

      Mounaporatam launched Yamuna as heroine in Telugu film industry with playful vocals of Janaki singing “Yaala Yaalaga “. Janaki brings out the innocence of a tribal girl in her voice with beautiful humming and her trade mark “laughter”.
      Among two duets with SPB, one is a regular tribal kind of song(only song penned by Jaladi in this album) and other duet is a underrated melody. Balu-Janaki as usual excels in their coordination in “Lolilita ” song. Words “lolilita”/”Khali ghata” are used to show that heroine came to see the city and she is getting used to some unknown world to her.
      “Dora Raaka kosam” is a sad song. Innocent tribal girl sings this song with hope of seeing her beloved once again When the hero betrays the heroine and leaves her all alone!
      “Ye bapu nerpinadi” is a Veturi-Janaki play all the way. He used several examples of such situations when women were left alone in history in this song with his magical words. He uses beautiful rhyming words which enhance the over all feel of this song. S Janaki rendered this song in a very high pitch in her inimitable style.