Ee Duryodhana Dussasana !

          This Song is one of the best (if not greatest) songs ever created in history of Telugu cinema. Prathighatana is movie which is all about a struggle of a college lecturer against a local Don and his illegal activities. Heroine Vijaya santhi delivered an extra ordinary performance in this movie. Chandra mohan contributed his best as a helpless husband.

          When the heroine goes to court against the villain (Charan raj), they insult her in a very bad way. The husband who is a coward can’t even oppose that and he is scared to accept her after that incident. Heroine goes to college as a part of her job after that incident. By that time, college students draw vulgar pictures of her on board insulting her. When she tries to erase those pictures and explain them to behave properly, one student throws a stone on her face and she starts bleeding. This was the situation and some powerful dialogues by Vijaya santhi were planned by the director Krishna.But, Legendary lyricist Veturi suggested to create a song for this situation.Ramaoji rao, producer of movie also liked the idea of song. Veturi created this song in very less time. Krishna well impressed with the words in the song took back his idea of dialogues and gave a big “YES” to the song. Chakravarthy tuned the song in no time.
          S Janaki was invited to sing the song and she was left with goosebumps after looking at the lyrics. She gave a spellbound performance for the song which turned out to be a big hit and a major reason for success of movie. Vijaya santhi gave a powerful performance in the song ! Movie won state nandi awards for Ramoji rao (Best Movie), Veturi (Best lyrics),Vijayasanthi (Best actress) & S Janaki (Best singer). Leaving commercial elements like awards & popularity of the song aside, this song still remains great as it expressed in 5 minutes, which several books cannot explain in 500 pages. Veturi proved power of his pen ! He personally believed that this is one of the most purposeful songs he had ever written and S Janaki who rendered this song at her emotional best explains that it is not a song, but a KAVYAM (EPIC) in itself!

          Though this translation cannot do complete justice to the lyrical value of Veturi’s imagination,we are providing complete lyrics and meaning of the song, for comfort of listeners who are not familiar with telugu. Paying heartful tributes to Late Veturi, Chakravarthy and living legend S Janaki through this post !
In this song the heroine character questions the students,who did illicit drawings of naked women on class board as follows. ..

Pallavi :-
Ee Dhuryodhana dussasana durvinitha lokam lo
Rakthasrulu chindusthu rasthunna shokham tho
Maro maha Bharatham, Aaarava Vedam
Manabhanga parvam lo. …. Mathru Hrudaya Nirvedam

Meaning :-
In this world full of illegal activities by people like Duryodhana & Dussasana, I am Writing the Sadness in the heart of a mother in Manabhanga parva of new Mahabharat which is sixth Veda. I am writing this while shedding tears of blood filled with sorrow.

Explanation :-
Mahabharath is known as panchama veda. It is a respect given to the epic that it is given equal status of 4 vedas. This Epic is divided in to different chapters, which are called as Parvas. In one parva, Droupadi Nivedana is very famous, where Draupadi explains the pain and agony in her heart to Krishna. Draupadi is Wife of Pandavas in Epic Mahabharat. Her husbands loose her in a game against Kauravas (100 Brothers among whom Duryodahana and Dussasana are notorious characters). Dushyasana insults Draupadi in the court on order of Duryodhana and no one helps her in that situation,not even her husbands or king.She becomes helpless and prays krishna to protect her dignity.

Veturi compares the character of heroine to that of Draupadi and that character express her pain in his words. … that she is going to mention in the new mahabharata ( the present situation of country ) which will be sixth Veda (as mentioned, Mahabharata is called fifth Veda) and with in this new epic, in chapter of loose of her dignity, she will do the sorrowful explanation of Mother’s feelings.

Charanam 1:-

Puduthune palakedchi
Utti Jampalakedchi
Perigi pedda kaagane, muddu muripalakedchi. ..
Thanuvatha dochukunna thanayulu meeru. .

Meaning :-
You are those sons who
(1)started crying for milk as soon as you took birth,
(2)then you started crying to be taken care. (Kids cry before mother to carry them as they cannot walk )
(3)When you became elder, you started crying for love and attention from women. ..This way you have stolen (exploited) whole body of women.

Magasiritho brathakaleka keechukulai, kutila kama mechakulai
sthree jathini avamanisthe. .. Mee ammala sthanyam tho, mee akkala raktham tho
rangarinchi raasthunna eenade meekosam. ..
Maro Maha Bharatham, Aaarava Vedam
Manabhanga parvam lo. …. Mathru Hrudaya Nirvedam

Meaning :-
If you start insulting women (whom you exploited through out your life) like Keechaka (another villain character in Mahabharth, who tries to insult Draupadi and was punished severely by Bheema for that) not being able to live with rich manhood (which a mother gifted you), I will write my new Mahabharatha today for you with such an ink which is mixture of the breast milk of your mother and blood of your sister ( Here Veturi stresses that every women deserves same respect as given to mother or sister)

Charanam 2:-
kanna maha papaniki aadadi thalliga maari
Mee kandalu penchinadii gundelatho kaada. .?

Is it not the milk from same part of body of a women (which you picturised so badly ) that have given strength to your muscles..? That woman transforms herself to a mother for the biggest sin of giving birth to you!! ( Here Veturi warns not to be proud of manhood and insult women. )

Errani thana rakthane thellani nethuru chesi
penchukunna thalli oka aadadani marichara. .?

Did you forget that a mother, who converts her red blood to white milk (to feed you) is also a women..?

kanabada leda akkada papaluga mee charithra. .?
Enado meerunchina letha pedavi mudra. .?

Can’t you see your history as a kid there..? and the mark that you have left as a kid ( Here, veturi warns again not to look at women with wrong vision and to respect every women like mother)

Prathi bharathi sathi manam, chandramathi mangalyam..

Dignity of every Indian women is like Mangalyam (Holy thread in Hindu religion ) of Chandra mathi ( As per Hindu Epics, Chandramathi’s married holy thread was visible only to her husband, so here meaning is that every Indian women has her hidden feelings, dignity and character towards her husband only. It should be treated with respect and confidential . It is not a topic to be discussed in public).

marma sthanam kadadi mee janma sthanam, Manavathaki moksham ichu punya kshethram.

It is not just a hidden place (The place which you are very curious to see and insult), but It is your Birth place. .. It is the same place that gives completion for the humanity.
S Janaki renders these lines in a way which cannot be explained, but only be experienced!

Sishuvuluga meeru putti, pashuvuluga maarithe. ..manava roopam lone danavulai thirigithe. .. Sabhayathiki samskruthikei samadhule kadithe. .
kannulundi chudalane Durtharsthurla palanalo, barthalundi vidhavalina Droupadi aakrandhanalo
nava Sakthulu, yuva Sakthulu nirveeryam avuthunte. .

In this situation filled with cries of women (who are in a situation similar to Draupadi),with husbands, who are equivalent to dead with cowardice nature and not ready to protect their wives in rule of leaders who act blind like Drutharasthra (Blind emperor and father of kauravas) if you, who took birth as innocent kids (and take help of women to grow up ) change to animals( and exploit same women like animals, which don’t have human values) and if you start behaving hellish in human form and start building graves to the culture and civilization. . and if this new and fresh talents of the youth are being misused. .

Emayipothundi sabhya samaajaham. .?
Emayipothundi manava dharmam. .?
Emayipothundi Bharatha deSam. .?
Mana Bharatha deSam, ee bharathadeSam. .?

What will be future for the civilized society. .?
What will be future for the humanity. .?
What will be future for India..? Our India. .?

Special Thanks to Mr.Nivas (member of Pathabangaram webiste, for gifting this song in special Quality )